Real-Time Lead Generation

Exclusive text message connectivity for instant prospect engagement

Designed for ease of use with no plugins or executable programs…

Instant 1 Click Meeting

Incorporate QR codes into your digital marketing for instant prospect communication

1 Click Connection
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Instant Connection

Demonstrate that you are ready to engage.

  • So easy to use; check it out! 1 min Video
  • Add the Meet now™ QR code to all video and print marketing
  • Not available, no problem… Your prospect is directed to the included appointment calendar
  • No time limitations -Use for all of your video conferencing needs
  • Up to 25 concurrent users
  • Complete privacy with a 1-click connection
  • Compatible with iPhone, Andriod, tablets, and PCs
  • A plugin is now available! Add  the “Let’s Talk” widget to your website (see sample)
1 Click Connection Print

1-Click Virtual Open House™

Your Ad on the opening screen of every video conference call…

A 1 Click Connection™ Branded account will display an opening advertisement to all video conferencing participants. This ad may be changed as often as you wish. Once the session commences this screen may be updated with slides, screen share, or video

Take your marketing to a different level… Your ad will be available to all video conferencing participants. 

Mortgage, Title, Service Companies, Sponsor a community or individual real estate office! Office discounts are available

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