Bring it Home® Communities accelerated its national rollout with the introduction of a patent-pending mobile app for brokers and agents.

The innovative app, appropriately named “Before they list,” acts as a catalyst to receive specific information on a property. This social tool is used to gauge interest from other agents in an office, to determine market viability, which can be used by the agent or broker to help generate a listing agreement.

“We know that inventory is at an all-time low, and we want to provide the latest technology to assist in generating new listings,” explains John Giaimo, President and CEO of Bring it Home® Communities. “Creating feedback for homeowners on the fence is a great way to provide valuable information to help them reach an informed decision, while following the rules of the local MLS,” Giaimo continues.

In a recent homeowner survey by, 76% of respondents are considering placing their home on the market but are reluctant to do so. In response to the question, “What would motivate them to sell?” 60.2% of respondents stated that “securing their next home before selling would play a factor,” and 16.2% would make the move if they knew their current home could sell for asking price or top market price.

This trend could change should the homeowner receive specific feedback about their property from a network of real estate practitioners.

With shared feedback based on their known and current experience of the local market, agents and brokers have always shared their insights with one another, most notably during office and staff meetings, and through mentoring. The COVID-19 pandemic has made much of this in-person gathering less likely.

“Clearly, many homeowners are on the fence, according to Scott O’Connor of RE/MAX Advantage of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The Before They ListTM App will allow them to gain timely insight to the sales potential of their property in the current market, and make an informed decision of whether to sell…and at what price”.

About Bring it Home Communities

Bring it Home Communities is creating the digital portal of the future for real estate, combining local listings, and integrating brokers, agents, consumers and advertisers in a safe and secure communication environment featuring Veea’s secure, virtual private network (VPN). The Bring it Home solution will support new capabilities such as virtual meetings for brokers, agents, and clients, virtual tours, and virtual open houses with augmented reality capabilities.  Bring it Home’s ad network powered by Ad Persistence™ and Veea’s AdEdge advertising platform provides rich media advertising by companies and marketing partners that want to reach home buyers, and Veea’s VPN provides support for online learning and certification for agents and brokers.

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